Son gives his mentally ill dad 76th birthday treatment, takes him out in emotional photo

  • Social media users are currently feeling emotional after a young man shared a photo posing with his mentally ill dad
  • The dad had just clocked 76 years and the son saw it feat to still care for him and give him a special birthday treat
  • From the post he made on LinkedIn, it was equally learnt that he has saved up some resources so as to medically treat his dad

A caring young man got social media users emotional after he shared a photo of his mentally ill dad.

According to a writeup that accompanied the photo which was shared on LinkedIn by Solomon Kimani, the mentally ill dad clocked 76 and his son took him out for a birthday treat.

Caring son takes mentally ill dad for his 76th birthday.
The young man says he grew up seeing his day in the present condition. Photo credit: LinkedIn/Solomon Kimani.
Source: UGC

According to the son whose name is not immediately clear, he grew up seeing his dad in that condition.

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He also said he has saved up some resources in other to take his dad to medical experts for proper treatment.

The emotional photo quickly stirred social media reactions.

The man wrote:

“It’s my Dad’s 76th birthday, he is mentally ill, he is the only family i got left, i took him out for a stroll.

“I grew up seeing him in this condition, I’ve been able to save some money for his treatment, pls celebrate with us and may God bless you as you pray for his quick recovery.”

Social media reactions

Mildred Ngesa said:

“Thank you for being such a blessing to your dad. Thank you for never giving up on him. Thank you so much for restoring our hope in the goodness of humanity. May God bless all your efforts to get your father treated.”

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Jonah O. George said:

“Kindly take your Dad to the hospital and post his recovery.”

Edward Ochwata said:

“I feel you. If it is the will of God he will recover. Keep hope alive.”

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