Video shows man wearing high heels, his woman wears slippers

  • A short clip currently making the rounds on social media has shown a man who wore high heels while allowing his woman to wear slippers
  • It is said that the lady was hurting from the pains caused by the heels, then the man decided to relieve her by doing a quick swap of shoes
  • The short video has generated hilarious comments from Nigerians on Instagram with many calling it a strange sight

Instead of allowing his woman to continue to walk in the pain caused by her shoes, a man decided to relive her by wearing the shoes himself.

A short clip sighted on Instagram shows the unnamed man putting on ‘pencil’ high heels while his woman was on slippers, indicating clearly that there was a swap.

Photo of man wearing high heels while his woman wears slippers.
The dressing by the man and his woman has sparked reactions. Photo credit: @mufasatundeednut.
Source: Instagram

Love is a beautiful thing

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The video has generated loud laughter on social media with many saying it is a strange sight.

Some other people however find it romantic, saying the man is caring and loving to have relieved his woman of the pain.

The 4 seconds clip was shared on Instagram by @mufasatundeednut.

Watch the video below:

Instagram users react

@vastbracket said:

“If you read the comments you go observe say people no send relationships again for this country.”

@fiokee commented:

“When the Koko master fall in love, you know water don pass garri – who can remember the song?”

@ika_promoter reacted:

“If breakfast don ready, nah him go off am himself.”

@babygal_simi_ said:

“Something’s no clear.”

@klassic_becca commented:

“Na this kind love I dey find.”

@hawtmoe said:

“Love issa beaurifu thang.”

@portharcourtboyfriend_ reacted:

“I understand what’s going on here.”

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@jesse_funds said:

Na who wear shoe deh know wer e deh pain am.”

@_.nemis_ commented:

“Nor be romantic guy anything, oga don dey wear heels before see as him balance for the heels sef.”

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