Data shows states in Nigeria using more electric generator

  • Nigerians use electric Generator more than any other country in Africa and report shows that more states make use of it more than the others
  • Lagos State, Nigeria’s commercial hub is leading other states in the country with the highest number of generators usage
  • Lagos is followed by Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory with second-highest in the last three months

With the abysmal supply of electricity in Nigeria, electric power generating sets have become prized possessions for most homes and businesses.

According to reports, Nigerians spent over N2 billion on generators in 20 years.

Lagos, Kano, Rivers, Abuja, Generators
Lagos leads other states in with use of generators in Nigeria
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Nigerians spend billions on Generators

According to the report, UN Comtrade, the largest depository of international trade statistics, captures Nigeria’s generator imports between 1996 and 2019.

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In 2013, the country imported $262.5 million worth of generators, the highest in two decades.

The importation of generators has been on the rise since 1996 and reached its climax in 2013.

Checks by show that some states in Nigeria use generators more than others. followed the use of electric generators in the country in Q2 of 2022, using Google Trends, a data monitoring tool, tracking four states.

Lagos Leads

According to the data, Nigeria’s commercial nerve centre, Lagos tops the list of states with the highest use of electric generators.

Towards the end of June 2022, the use of generators hit an all-time high of 100 per cent in Lagos, following the collapse of the national grid.

By July 10, the use of generators in Lagos plummeted due to improved power supply.

Abuja ranks high in Generator use

Next to Lagos is Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory with about 45 per cent use in May, while generator uses plummeted at the same time as that of Lagos.

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Kano in the mix

Kano trailed behind Lagos and Abuja on the list with about 44 per cent uses in May and declined to 13 per cent in July.

Rivers State

River State came fourth in the list of states tracked with 13 per cent use in May and a decline of 4 per cent in July.

In Kano and Jigawa, more people are talking about different brands of Generating sets while the search for generating sets is high in Bayelsa and Rivers states.

Nigerians report improved electricity supply but experts say it’s flash in a pan

Recall that reported that as the Nigerian government took over some distressed Distribution Companies penultimate week, electricity consumers in Nigeria have reported improved power supply in their areas.

Some said the takeover of the distressed DisCos sent a strong signal to many players in the electricity sector that it is no longer business as usual.

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It is reported that power generation has improved over the last seven days after the national grid collapsed a record eight times in two months.


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