Watch the sweet video showing large ape bathing itself like a human being

  • A video of an orangutan bathing and enjoying it all as a man offered assistance has got many reactions
  • In the video, the ape bathed with soap and wrapped itself in a towel after it was done in such a cute way
  • Many people who reacted to the video said that the animal behaved with a high sense of hygiene than many

A short video shared by People’s Daily on Facebook has shown the moment an orangutan took a shower and enjoyed it.

The ape used a hose to get water all over its body as it was assisted by a man. After the large animal was done bathing, it cleaned off water with a towel.

Animal-man relationship goals/orangutan displaying selfcare.
People who found the video funny tagged their friends.
Photo source: People’s Daily
Source: Facebook

Orangutan bathing itself

The way the orangutan took care of itself was perfect. A bigger towel was wrapped around its body like a person who just had a nice bath would.

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It wore a dark sunshade after the shower and posed for the camera with a satisfied face. Many people said the ape looks beautiful and the whole bathing process was funny.

Watch the video below:

The video gathered over 200,000 views and thousands of comments as at the time of writing this report. compiled some of the reactions below:

Bernice Rheaume said:

“Better than some people.”

Beverly Dawn Whatley said:

“I’m impressed by the use of soap and how it was enjoyed! Likes to smell good.”

Zeljka Kopic said:

“Haaaaaaa so cute.”

Amber Tiamzon said:

“An amazing creature!!!!”

Vivianne Xunie Chua said:

“Ending is swaaaag.”

Elephant showed love to man

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a video showed just how attentive and caring some animals could be. In a TikTok clip shared by @jubjangfamily, a man tested an elephant.

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At the beginning of the video, he positioned his camera well and placed himself on the floor, moving convulsively as if he was in need of help.

When an elephant standing afar saw him, the animal ran fast to rescue the man. It used its upper trunk to push him to the side so that he could stand up. The elephant went around the man and kept petting him until it was assured the man was okay.


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