CISLAC boss, Rafsanjani questions President Buhari’s anti-corruption war

The Executive Director of Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC), Comrade Auwal Musa Rafsanjani has said Buhari’s Administration has no plan in fighting against corruption.

Rafsanjani made known in an interview with Arise TV.

He stated that President Buhari was overrated by Nigerians and expected his administration to lay waste to corruption stating that there was never a blueprint on his part to fight corruption.

Rafsanjani said his emergence was laced with deception and propaganda that swayed Nigerians into the notion that he clamp down on corruption.

The CISLAC boss said:

“It was more of propaganda and deception to fight against corruption. 7 years after there’s no tangible plan from the side of the government to fight corruption.

“There are key indicators that show a country is ready to fight corruption but Nigeria doesn’t exhibit none of the indicators. Part of the indicators are 1) Public Procurement Law, 2) Law of Contracts, 3) Freedom of Information, 4) Whistleblowing and 5) Desperate to recover money stolen from looters.”

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Rafsanjani also flashed back in memory lane stating that a conference was held and hosted by the British and Americans in which they partook to learn how to recover assets.

He said:

“When we got back to Nigeria nothing has been done even after putting much pressure. The Attorney General and his assistants couldn’t account for the assets recovered.”

Rafsanjani also stressed that the attack on media establishments in recent times is a clear indication that the administration of President Buhari has no plan to fight corruption.

He noted that there is a growing pattern of complacency within law enforcement which allows a lot of corrupt government officials walk freely on the streets without being prosecuted.

Rafsanjani said:

“In Nigeria when law enforcement arrests those who squander money they tend to release them the following day and which is now rampant, especially in the Political sphere. There is a high level of Political corruption, vote buying and the likes.”


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