Check out hilarious way man got back at wife for stealing his hoodies

  • A video of a grown man rocking a pink long-sleeve nightdress has been circulating on social media
  • The funny footage was shared on TikTok, and his wife can be heard questioning him as to why he is wearing her clothes
  • He responds that it’s payback for her wearing his clothing, and Saffas were left cracking jokes in the comments

As a woman, wearing your man’s hoodie brings a sense of comfort and closeness to them unlike any other.

One gent, however, did not take kindly to his “serial-hoodie-stealer” wife and took it upon himself to wear her sleepwear as revenge.

man in wife's nightdress
One gent went to bed in his wife’s comfy and pink nightdress. Image: @nelisararamdlelen/TikTok
Source: UGC

A video shared by @nelisararamdlelen on TikTok shows the grown man lying in bed as he rocks a pink long-sleeve nightdress.

His annoyed wife can be heard questioning him as to why he is wearing her clothes, to which he responds that it is because she also wears his clothing items,

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The woman even remarks that the nightdress was a Mother’s Day gift, to which the unbothered man simply tells her to switch off the lights as he fiddles with his phone. Talk about sweet revenge!

The defeated woman simply ends the funny quarrel by saying: “Amen bazalwane”.

The couple’s hilarious banter left many Mzansi netizens amused as they too responded with witty comments to the video.

ryyder1002 reacted:

“I’m wearing leggings tomorrow.”

Khanya Mlenzana commented:

“My dad does this too to my mom I thought we were a strange family .”

kaylakimkay responded:

“I love this .”

Lindakubheka said:

“My husband wears my gown, mind you, I’m so short and he is so tall, it will be like he is wearing a blazer.”

Taku Sharon replied:

“ and he’s so comfy in it. Leave the man alone.”

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