Ethiopian Airlines pilots sleep off, miss landing

  • A serious tragic incident was averted after pilots of flying Ethiopian Airlines missed landing
  • The Pilots were reportedly asleep while approaching the airport, sending panic among passengers
  • Ethiopian Airlines have now decided to suspend the two pilots with further investigation to be carried out

Two Ethiopian Airlines pilots have been suspended indefinitely after they slept off midair and missed their landing window.

The flight was destined to the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, from Sudan’s capital, Khartoum on August 15.

BBC reports that the pilots were awoken when the autopilot disconnected after the aircraft passed the airport.

Ethiopian Airlines pilots falls sleeps
Ethiopian Airlines plane on runaway
Credit: narvikk
Source: AFP

As per BusinessDay report, both the sleeping pilots were out of reach when air traffic control tried to establish a connection.

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The independent aviation news site stated that the pilots woke up only after an alarm rung after the autopilot system got disconnected.

The airport at 37,000 feet earlier this week because both pilots were asleep on the flight deck..

Media reports indicated that the pilots were awoken when the autopilot disconnected after the aircraft passed the airport.

Flight tracking data have also confirmed that the Boeing 737-800 flight followed its correct air route, but it did not descend when it reached Addis Ababa; instead, it remained at its flying altitude, i.e., 37,000 feet.

The pilots were asleep on the flight deck at the time and were awoken by the aural warning associated with the autopilot disconnecting after overflying the airport.

The flight subsequently made a left turn and began descending back toward Addis Ababa, landing at 03:16 UTC, 25 minutes after first overflying the airport.

Airline reacts

In a statement, the airline informed that both the pilots were suspended following the mishap, and further investigation was on.

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Ethiopian Airlines added that it would take corrective actions against the pilots once the investigation was complete.

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