Check out impressive asoebi style recreation lady got from her tailor

  • A lady identified as Oluwafunke recently left social media users impressed after sporting a style recreation
  • She had replicated a popular corset dress, and her tailor made sure to deliver exactly what she wanted
  • In a related story, a bride was left in shock and disappointment over the dress her tailor delivered a day before her wedding

On today’s episode of ‘what I ordered versus what I got’, there are no tears, nor is there any feeling of disappointment and social media users are here for it.

A lady identified as Oluwafunke was left a very satisfied client by her tailor who made sure to deliver a style recreation.

Photos of two ladies in similar styles
What she got and the inspiration.
Credit: @oluwafunke_, @simisanyaa
Source: Instagram

Oluwafunke wanted to replicate a red corset bodice dress with beaded sleeves as seen on another diva, @simisanyaa.

Well, judging by how well it sat on Oluwafunke and the smile on her face, the tailor certainly came through with the perfect cut.

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Social media users applaud Oluwafunke’s style replication


“The tailor sabi. When they say, choose style wey match your body, e get why…. The designer/tailor did very well “


“No premium tears dictated “


“Nailed it.”


“When you order style with body”


“What she got ..choke o “

Check out the outfit tailor delivered to bride barely 24 hours before her wedding

For brides, looking their very best on the wedding day is something that remains non-negotiable. However, despite making plans, things can still go south pretty fast.

This is something a lady got to realise after a devasting experience with a tailor barely 24 hours to her wedding left her in shock.

In a video currently trending on social media, a picture of the sleek asoke style she wanted can be seen.

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However, what was delivered – a recreated version in white – was a pitiable imitation of the original design.

What I ordered: Internet users divided over dress lady received from clothing vendor

Sometimes, it’s the vendor’s fault, sometimes, it’s the customer who errs. In this case, however, social media users cannot decide who messed up.

Twitter user @maryochekwu recently got people talking after she shared photos of a lady’s experience with a clothing vendor.

She had placed an order for a form-fitting midnight blue mermaid dress with ruffle sleeves, as seen in the post.


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