Video: See how this lady dressed to her wedding, you will be surprised

  • A good-looking woman, 57, has married her man wearing a breathtaking red wedding gown that has gone viral
  • She was walked to her wedding venue by her 80-year-old father who equally looked younger than his age
  • A video of the wedding posted on TikTok has caught the attention of fashion lovers and it currently has over 1.2 million views

A beautiful woman, 57, has tied the knots with her lover wearing a well-tailored red wedding gown.

The woman posted a short TikTok video of the moment she arrived at her wedding venue. The video currently has over 1.2 million views.

Photos of a bride who got married in red wedding gown.
The bride departed from the norm and wedded in a red wedding gown. Photo credit: TikTok/@blondlocs.
Source: UGC

She was walked to her husband by her father, 80. The man does not look his age at all because he looks younger than the stated age.

Video of a bride who got wedded in a red wedding gown

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It appears the lady inherrited good looks from her father because at 57, some fans on TikTok are saying she looks very young.

She and her father walked like soldiers and stormed the wedding venue with so much confidence and air of happiness.

Those who have seen the video were wondering what her husband reaction was when he saw her. She responded by saying he cried.

That she departed from the normal white wedding gown and used a red one is something people find stunning. The video was posted by @blondlocs.

Watch the video below

Reactions from TikTok users

@Sadeara White649 said:

“When your fiancé, see you walking towards him he’s going to need CPR because you are going to take his breath away.”

@Buffie Hipps commented:

“Please show us your dad, my husband doesn’t believe your dad is 80. do a close up please.”

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@user7603115902413 said:

“You look so beautiful!”

@Felicia Morton210 reacted:

“Beautiful. For a second I thought your dad was actually your groom. Both of you look so much younger. Congratulations.”

@13_Bella_30 said:

“Wow, you both look amazing. You look gorgeous & your father 80 there’s no way .”

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