Watch the video of this young man showing how he totally changed a 2007 Lexus car

  • A Nigerian man has wowed many people with the car modification he carried out on a customer’s Lexus
  • The man wrapped the car in glossy black and went ahead to change the bumper, headlight and other body parts
  • People who watched the video wanted to know the cost of the modification and the effect of water on it

A Nigerian man, @mohammed_lexus, who specialises in car modifications has shared a video of how he upgraded a person’s Lexus vehicle from 2007 to a 2023 version.

For the modification, he had to first change the car’s colour to deep black. The bumper was changed. The bonnet also looks different, giving an outlook of a sportscar.

Car modification/man upgraded Lexus car.
A young man who modified a Lexus 2007 car has got many praising him.
Photo source: TikTok/@mohammed_lexus
Source: UGC

Lexus car upgraded

The vehicle’s head and rear lights were also changed. In the clip, he showed how the car was wrapped in glossy black to change its former silver colour.

After he was done, the car owner marvelled at the transformation. Many people wondered how much was spent on the modification.

Watch the video below: compiled some of the reactions below:

Wizzy asked:

“How much to upgrade my ES350 to 2014 model?”

Onyekachukwu said:

“Naim make Una car too dey burn.”

the humble master said:

“Omo u fit chamge my lexus palm to lambo.”

Awofe said:

“Any amount wey you charge fr the car eh worth am.”

Udedibor Churchill C wondered:

“For which road you wan drive that bumper?”

bwoysahmmy said:

“Some people dey take Mumu decision sha.”

PassionInVenus said:

“How do you wash a wrapped car and how about whenever you get hit?”

Sky Dort asked:

“Lol so if he wanna sell his he gonna say 2023 or what year?”

Man reforms cheap car he bought

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a young Nigerian man, @de_wan24, got many people asking questions online after he revealed that he bought a used Honda car for just N200,000.

When he drove the vehicle into a mechanic workshop, the front bumper of the car was already off. The car’s front and some rear lights were also off.

After the car was baked and repainted, it looked different. The interior was also upgraded with a new stereo system.


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