Why we may be out of business soon, Nigerian butchers lament

  • Butchers in Nigeria are running out of meat and may shut down soon
  • The reason, according to them, is due to the scarcity of cash to purchase cows
  • The sellers say they cannot buy cattle because the sellers want money and not bank transfers

The current cash crisis in Nigeria may cause a looming meat scarcity as many butchers in various markets across Nigeria have expressed concerns over their inability to buy cattle from rearers.

They say they could not access cash to purchase cattle due to the crunch, saying cash is the only means of transactions in their business.

Meat sellers, Cash crisis
Meat sellers in Nigeria demand cash transaction
Credit: Sam Makoji
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cattle sellers reject bank transfers

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that meat sellers at the Dei-Dei food market, Kado Fish market, and Dutse market said many butchers refused bank transfers and insisted on cash payment.

The report said most meat stalls needed more meat for sale to avoid decay due to low patronage.

NAN quotes Nasiru Musa, a butcher at Dei-Dei market, as saying he refused bank transfers because the cattle sellers won’t accept them.

He said:

“The people we buy cattle from said they don’t have account numbers and want cash before they sell to us, so why should I collect the transfer?

“If the money enters my account through transfer, how do I pay the Fulani rearer who does not go to the bank or have a phone?” he asked.

According to him, his refusal of bank transfers has caused his sale to plummet because that is the only thing customers wants to do.

Customers lament inability to buy meat

Adelusi said:

One of Musa’s customers, who identified herself as Mrs. Tope Adelusi, said she was dissatisfied that her regular butcher refused to accept the transfer.

“He is my regular customer, and I have been here begging him to accept the transfer, but he has refused.

“I have told him that even after these hard times, I will not patronise him again because what is the essence of having a customer who can’t understand the economy and assist others?

“It is not my fault that there is no cash in circulation, so why can’t we assist each other?”

Another butcher, Malam Isiaka Babatunde, stated that the meat on display at his stall was the only one left for sale and that he does not plan to buy anymore.

He said the reason is the scarcity of cash to purchase them from cattle sellers.

Babatunde told NAN:

“It is better I sell all the ones I have and rest at home because I don’t understand what this country is turning into.

“The few people I have accepted transfers from will transfer, and the money will hang; it is annoying.”

The butchers called on the Nigerian government to ensure adequate circulation of the new naira notes, saying there may be a scarcity of meat, one of the top protein sources.

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Legit.ng earlier reported that many of her peers would be shaking TikTok, Instagram and other social media platforms with unlimited videos and pictures to flaunt their assets and other endowments.

But not Kosisochukwu Nwakonuche, a female butcher based in Nnewi, Anambra State.

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Source: Legit.ng

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