Electorate’s guide: 4 significant reasons why voter accreditation is essential for 2023 election

  • As Nigerians prepare for the 2023 general elections, voters have been urged to acclimatize themselves to the election processes
  • Electorates have also been urged to arrive at their polling unit early to help hasten the accreditation process
  • It is also essential to note that electorates must have their PVC to aid the voter accreditation process

With less than 48 hours to the much-anticipated presidential elections, electorates are itching to go to the polls and elect their preferred presidential candidate.

However, electorates with their permanent voter’s card (PVC) have been urged to understand the tenets of accreditation when they locate their various polling units on the day of the elections.

INEC, voter accreditation
Electorates have been urged to get to their polling units on time as the first major step to their voter accreditation. Photo: INEC
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Voter accreditation is essential in this forthcoming election judging from the implementation of new technologies adopted for this year’s polls.

According to an advisory election document, “My Election Buddy”, voter accreditation is the process of verifying that a person is eligible to vote in a polling unit.

Significance of voter accreditation

As electorates head into the 2023 general election, it is essential to note that accreditation is used to achieve four primary goals.

However, it is essential to note that the essence of voter accreditation is to prevent multiple voting, voting by proxy, and ensuring only qualified person vote.

1. Check whether the name of a person intending to vote is on the voter register for that polling unit.

2. An INEC official verifies a voter’s identity using fingerprint and facial identity.

3. An INEC official verifies the person presenting a PVC is the person whose name appears on the card.

4. The voter is in the correct polling unit where they have been assigned to vote.

Procedures for voter accreditation

1. On election day, ensure you show up at the polling unit with your PVC.

2. When you arrive at the polling unit, a presiding officer will verify or authenticate your particulars, such as fingerprints or facial identity, using the bimodal voter accreditation system (BVAS).

3. Once accredited, you will be issued a ballot to cast your vote.

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Ahead of the 2023 general elections, electorates have been urged to protect their votes at all costs after voting.

Electorates are advised to wait behind and observe the election process after accreditation and voting.

When internet network is too poor to transmit election results, voters are urged to accompany INEC officials to the nearest area with a good internet network.

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