Watch the moment this young lady danced on her bent knees while holding a cup (video)

  • A beautiful lady got the attention of many as she danced to a popular TikTok sound with a cup of water in her hand
  • The lady who always dances to the same sound while wearing different outfit per time had dramatic facial expression
  • Among those who reacted to her video waned to know how he always pulls off dancing on her bent knees

A short dance video of a curvy lady who loves making waist moves on TikTok has stirred massive reactions.

The lady bent her knees and danced while holding a cup in one of her hands. Her dramatic facial expression while dancing shows she was invested into the performance.

Her page is filled with dancing to the same sound. Many people who have been following the lady for long said she loves dancing with a cup of water.

Some ladies in her comment section were marvelled by how strong her hip muscles are to hold her weight as she danced in a crounching position.

Watch the video below:

As of the time of writing this report, the video has gathered over 500 comments with more than 177,000 likes. compiled some of the reactions below:

Fisayo said:

“This sound say “PLEASE”…. Love it though.”

Jessicasmith81 asked:

“Can u do it with yellow pant pls?”

Romeo G said:

“If u see her without water just know it’s a clone.”

palesamkungela said:

“CEO of this sound!”

Chelsea said:

“My legs can barely hold me this well.”

agudefantasy said:

“How i wish am in the same country with you, i would have invite you for lunch.. dancing dexterity is great.”

Slie Maphalala said:

“You look sooooooo American.”

valentine said:

“No one better …with attitude.”

El Capitano said:

“Bro… I cant imagine this sound without you in it. it’s just hard now.”

Lady with braids danced

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a Nigerian lady (@omooba501) had many men commenting on her dance video after she gently shook her waist.

Playing a sound that says grace works wonders, the lady danced as she focused the camera on her curves.

The lady who was dressed in a gown and long braids smiled as she vibed to the song. The short video showed her whining her waist and shaking her behind in a way that got people’s attention.


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