Funny video emerges as mum tied balloons on baby’s body to keep child busy (watch)

  • A video of a baby distracted by the balloons tied to his feet and hands as his mother worked on her laptop went viral
  • The mother showed that it was one of the ways she has found to keep her kid engaged as she works from home
  • Many parents who watched her video praised the strategy as a brilliant one as they showed interest in doing the same thing

A mother, @ms.campbell.teach, working from home has shared a video of how she engaged her newborn so she can have time to focus on work.

In a clip that has stirred massive reactions, the mother tied a ballon each on the legs and hands of the baby.

Mum and child/Mother working from home.
A mother found a way to work from home with her kid.
Photo source: @ms.campbell.teach
Source: TikTok

Mum worked from home with her baby

Each time the baby moved, the balloons created a perfect distraction for the kid not to disturb his mother.

The mother joked that she wished it were all as easy as it looked in the video. Many mothers who loved her tactic wondered why they never thought about it.

Watch the video below:

As of the time of writing this report, the video has gathered over 700 comments with more than 58,000 likes. compiled some of the reactions below: said:

“This is next level.”

Artqween80 said:

“That baby is good for about 6 hours!”

carol said:

“I can now give birth.”

bk girl said:

“Now… If I do this to my husband I’m winning too.”

LadyDetectiveDC_Ro said:

“Why didn’t I think of that 17 years ago?? Pure genius lol.”

Skyy Shop said:

“This is exactly me and and my baby Daniel.”

Annchristine Wambui said:

“This is sooo creative I like. You have just given mums around the world a priceless hack.”

Moya Mighty said:

“Clever mommy!”

lansanakamara421 said:

“I will try this because I am doing exactly that lol.”

Kid’s funny side-eye expression

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a mother, monalisa_empire0, shared a video showing her little girl with a very funny facial expression one would expect from an adult.

Playing a background sound that said “side eye,” the baby responded accordingly. Her face was so serious one would think she had a lot on her mind.

People funnily said the baby needs to be apologised to. Many TikTokers wanted to know who offended the baby.


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