THE PETER OBI MOVEMENT IS SO TECH FRENZY !!! You can now Purchase Electronic Glow Car Stickers,, Glow T.shirts of and Solar Bags of Peter Obi that Charge your Gadgets on the Go !

An inspirational Nigerian Tech Start Up is producing and selling some unique tech items to promote their favorite candidate Peter Obi, First they came up with an electronic glow banner apparel that makes your T.shirt or Jeans Glow in the dark with a brightness that can light up a small room. this Banner Apparels are battery powered and can go for the whole Night. It immediately started selling locally and people ordered in retail and bulk

Just recently they presented and posted on their Whatsapp handle Status with number : 08167856244 A Car sticker that is battery powered and Light ups in the Dark which they selling to drivers and Peter Obi Massive fans for only about 5k N4,900 Retail price and 4k N3,900 on Bulk Orders

According to them, there also handmake solar bags that charges your device on the Go with Peter Obi Glow banner still attached to it!

See pics and video below

I chatted their whatsapp number if they are willing to build tech promotional materials for other candidates besides Peter Obi, organisations of events for that matter, they said YES !

so guys it appears that this concepts are open for everyone to harness to hype their brands or campaign or eventso !

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