Watch this baby’s reactions to her mother’s pregnancy, woman tries to explain in video

  • A kid’s priceless reaction to the news that her mother is pregnant has gathered over one million views online
  • The baby had to ask her mother how the baby got into her stomach, a question the woman hesitated to answer
  • Out of excitement, the baby ran out of her presence, saying she is going to spread the news of the pregnancy

A mother approached her daughter in a video and told her that she is pregnant just to get her reaction.

The child, who was surprised that her mother had a baby in her tummy, said she would love to have a baby sister.

Motherhood goals/inquisitive baby.
The baby was happy about her mum’s pregnancy.
Photo source: TikTok/@kadynsmithsmith
Source: UGC

At every point of the conversation, she kept wondering about how the baby got into her mother’s tummy. She asked how big the child is. The mother said when the baby is bigger, it will be born.

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Coming down from their car, she asked how the baby got in there. The mother said she and her father put it in. She was so happy about having a sister soon.

Watch the video below:

As at the time of writing this report, the video has gathered over one million views with thousands of reactions. compiled some of the reactions below:

Pamathome said:

“She’s so sweet and beautiful.”

Tiffÿ said:

“When she asks how it got in your tummy.”

Ronnie said:

“When I told my daughter that I have a baby in my tummy, her first response was: you ate it?”

Jo said:

“She’s so smart!! Processed the news so well.”

Nessahh said:

“How did the baby get in your tummy.”

Minnie said:

“The hesitation when she asked how the baby got in there.”

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MaryGS said:

“Angel face. “How did it get there?” Bet u weren’t expecting that question, huh? LOL. Blakey is So intelligent.”

umorfarukisah said:

“Kids are so innocent ‘How did the baby get in there?'”

gillianwilcox386 said:

“Well answered there Kadyn. Blakely asking clever questions for her age.”

Child cries after mum gives birth

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a little girl gave a ‘funny’ reaction after she got the news that her mother just gave birth to a boy.

At first, the girl shouted “no” in disbelief that such cannot happen. When her little brother confirmed the news, the kid threw her pen away and started crying.

She was expecting the birth to be of the same gender as her. A nurse and her dad who were present found the kid’s reaction really funny.


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