The secret of converting waste to money in Nigeria has been unveiled

  • Poverty and unemployment are on the increase in Nigeria and have pushed many Nigerians to a state of survival of the fittest
  • The development has pushed many into picking up trash on the street and getting paid by the recycling company that collects the waste from them
  • However, SWCI, a recycling company in Lagos, does not require much to turn your trash into money, just subscribe to their organisation and get paid based on the number of waste plastic bottles you can get

Due to the harsh economy and high cost of living, surviving in Nigeria is becoming more challenging for many Nigerians.

The increase in poverty and unemployment are major factors that make survival a struggle in the most populous African country, BBC News Pidgin reported.

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How to turn trash into money in Nigeria
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How to sell waste plastic bottles in Lagos, Nigeria

This is why picking trashes has become a business and means of survival for many Nigerians.

A Lagos-based Street Waste Company Initiative (SWCI) collects trash from people and pays them based on quantity.

SWCI is one of the major trash recycling companies in the commercial city of west Africa.

The recycling company has many subscribers that submit to them and make money from picking trash.

How much do people make from picking up waste in Lagos?

They collect trash from the subscribers and pay them in return based on the quantity they pick.

Some subscribers said that though the money is not much, it helps them survive the harsh economy daily.

SWCI encourages less privileged people to venture into the trash-picking initiative to add money to what they get from work.

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“I have been picking waste for 7 years, still counting”, 63-year-old widow narrates Heartbreaking experience earlier reported that a Lagos-based 60-year-old Nigerian widow, Amdalat Taiwo Pedro, has narrated why she ended up picking up trash for survival.

The aged woman lost her husband 10 years ago, and his only son died after, leaving behind two kids for her.

Unfortunately, Amdalat’s daughter-in-law also left for her parent’s house, and her usual business was not enough to sustain the education of the kids and her rent.


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