African countries with the most unhappy citizens, 2022 revealed, Nigeria ranked 24

  • It has been clarified that indeed Nigerians are unhappy especially with the latest report released by the ‘2022 World Happiness Report’
  • From the report sighted by, it was discovered that Nigeria ranked 24 in Africa with the most unhappy citizens, as others such as Zimbabwe, Rwanda top the first five on the list
  • This however showed that the current state of the economy influence to a large extent the mood of Nigerians

Nigeria has been ranked the 24th unhappiest country in Africa, indicating the country’s declining perception on key indicators.

The World Happiness Report, based largely on life evaluations, ranks Nigeria 24 among 25 African nations surveyed, with Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Botswana, Lesotho and Malawi dominating the top five.

APC government, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, 2022 World Happiness Report
Nigeria is included in the list of African countries with the most Unhappy citizens in 2022.
Photo credit: Buhari Sallau
Source: Facebook

Meanwhile, two years down the line, Nigeria is not one of the happiest countries in the world, according to the 2020 World Happiness Report released.

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The report is an annual survey of how satisfied people worldwide are with their lives and has been published since 2012.

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According to an editor of the report, John Helliwell, it is a measure of general satisfaction with life and, more importantly, the confidence that one lives in a place where people take care of one another.

Interestingly, this report speaks volume about the state of the nation, especially with the harsh economic realities reflecting in the high cost of living of the people, insecurity, and so on has taken a toll on the well-being of many Nigerians.

Check out African countries with the most unhappy citizens for 2022

01. Zimbabwe (2nd Globally)

Index Score: 3.14

02. Rwanda (3rd Globally)

Index Score: 3.41

03. Botswana (4th Globally)

Index Score: 3.46

04. Lesotho (5th Globally)

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Index Score: 3.51

05. Malawi (6th Globally)

Index Score: 3.60

06. Tanzania (8th Globally)

Index Score: 3.62

07. Burundi (10th Globally)

Index Score: 3.77

08. Sierra Leone (12th Globally)

Index Score: 3.84

09. Zambia (13th Globally)

Index Score: 4.07

10. Togo (14th Globally)

Index Score: 4.10

11. Madagascar (15th Globally)

Index Score: 4.20

12. Mauritania (16th Globally)

Index Score: 4.22

13. Ethiopia (17th Globally)

Index Score: 4.27

14. Egypt (18th Globally)

Index Score: 4.28

15. Comoros (19th Globally)

Index Score: 4.28

16. Eswatini (20th Globally)

Index Score: 4.30

17. Chad (22nd Globally)

Index Score: 4.35

18. Namibia (25th Globally)

Index Score: 4.57

19. Tunisia (27th Globally)

Index Score: 4.59

20. Kenya (28th Globally)

Index Score: 4.60

21. Liberia (29th Globally)

Index Score: 4.62

22. Uganda (30th Globally)

Index Score: 4.63

23. Mali (32nd Globally)

Index Score: 4.72

24. Nigeria (33rd Globally)

Index Score: 4.75

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25. Mozambique (34th Globally)

Index Score: 4.79


World Happiness Report


The index is rated from 0 – 10. The lower the index score, the unhappy the citizens of that particular country.

Nigerians react

Nigerians on the Facebook page of reacted to the development.

Merso Isegua stated:

“They rigged it. Nigeria is supposed to be among the first 3 countries.”

Ekes Onomen Harmony wrote:

“Nigerians are happy people ! If you no believe rest.”

Oderinde Sunday said:

“That’s the results of bad governance and bad government…!!

Ogbonna Augustine Emenike noted that:

“That true cos hardship is everywhere in this country inflation hunger and all no job…..”

Devine Grace urged:

“That is why Nigerians must vote Peter Obi and Yusuf Datti for hope and the betterment of Nigeria comes 2023 yes we can. .”

Mosco Gift stated:

“And some senseless ones will still vote for APC.”

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