Unbelievable! Viral video of Hausa man seen hanging on the door of a moving car while his cow occupied the entire passengers seat sparked reactions online

  • Nigerians sure know how to catch a cruise and take their minds off the ‘hard, difficult’ realities of life
  • This is as an eyewitness shared a funny video of a man hanging on a car and a cow sitting inside the same car
  • This happened in the federal capital territory Abuja, and the video has sparked sweet reactions online

Nigerians love to have a good time and catch cruise to take their minds off the harsh realities of life.

An eyewitness in Abuja has shared a video of a Hausa man taking risks by hanging on a car while the cow he is controlling, sits inside the car.

The Cow was seated at the back seat of the Golf car while the owner of the car was hanging on the door beside the driver while the car moves.

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Cow, Hausa man, Abuja
A man hanging on a car, while a cow sits inside the car stirs reactions online.
Photo credit: African Facts Zone
Source: Facebook

The funny video shared by African Facts Zone on Saturday, October 15, via its Facebook page has generated reactions online as many shared their opinion on the idea.

The eyewitness who shared the video in reaction said:

“The cow is inside the car, and the guy controlling the cow is hanging on the car, isn’t this crazy?

Watch the video below:


Nigerians took to the Facebook page Legit.ng and reacted to the development.

M Fitri M Shukri wrote:

“It would be much more amusing if the cow was driving the car

To ban or not to ban? The story of ponmo, one of Nigeria’s most cherished delicacies

In another report, one of the unstated rules in many Nigerian households is that every soup must be garnished with ponmo (cowhide).

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This ponmo, chopped in small, manageable pieces is enjoyed by many as meat or as support to meat to make the soup last longer.

Every Nigerian probably knows this cherished delicacy. If perhaps they don’t meet it in their mother’s soup pot, they will most likely do so in small restaurants called ‘mama put.’

Traffic offender cries as his car is auctioned in Lagos

Meanwhile, Legit.ng reported that a Nigerian man cried bitterly after his car was auctioned by the Lagos state government.

The man reportedly committed a traffic offence and was nabbed.

The car was sold for less than N400,000 after the government invited people to bid publicly for it.

Source: Legit.ng

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