Video: See what hairstylist did to customer’s lace frontal wig

  • A lady posted a video after her trip to the hair salon to get her lace frontal lace wig installed
  • However, it appeared she didn’t get what she had hoped for as the end result saw a poorly-done hairstyle
  • Several internet users who saw the video reacted with mixed feelings, demanding the lady gets her money back

Tailors and hairstylists may have formed a Whatsapp group because the increase in complaints about hair seems to have increased.

Lace wig
Photos of the client’s lace frontal wig.
Credit: @nigerianbraids
Source: Instagram

A lady recently got social media users buzzing with reactions after sharing what a hairstylist did to her wig.

She posted a video which gave a close-up view of the laid frontal and it exposed badly applied glue underneath the laid edges.

Check out the video below:

Internet users react to lady’s lace wig

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“At least she tried with the edges”


“Tell me you didn’t pay for this “


“But she sat there, paid and then left next time she should be wise.”


“I’ll go home to and call the police cause you better give me my money back.”


“Please go and collect your money back. Ask them for extra sef for wasting your time. See as the hair be like hot water starch “


“Hope u collected your money back.”


“But the hair she bought is cheap too!!! Look at that color lace.”


“No be everybody sabi install hair. Lets just becareful. No be to own saloon.”


“That’s her own fault! I don’t know why people leave the salon so dissatisfied ans go to social media with it. She knew what her head looked like before she left!”

Reactions as lady ends up with scanty hairpiece after online wig order

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Despite the numerous negative reviews that haunt online shopping, many people continue to fall victim to it.

A lady recently got her fair share of the ‘what I ordered versus what I got’ fiasco and it was not pretty.

In the video shared by @instablog9jamedia, photos of the advertised braided wig can be seen, followed by what she got instead.


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