See African countries with the highest number students overseas

  • A recent report has shown a concentration of African students studying in Europe
  • The report says that Nigeria leads other countries such as Cameroon and Zimbabwe on the list
  • The students prefer studying in France, Germany, the UK, Portugal and the US

A recent report from Campus France spotlights trends of African students seeking foreign education. Many students from Africa leave their countries as a result of a drop in tertiary education.

Business Insider reports that by 2050, the university-age population will double, but only 9 per cent are currently studying in higher education. The current situation could stifle economic growth and worsen insecurity.

African Students, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Cameroon
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France, Germany make the nexus for African students

France is one of the top destinations for African students seeking foreign education as six out of 10 students from Africa choose the country.

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Europe, including France, Germany and Portugal enrol the largest portion of African students.

As per the report, 27 per cent of students from Sub-Sahara Africa are in Europe with France being the primary host, with 14 per cent of the number followed by Germany and Portugal.

Nigeria leads other African countries

According to the report, Nigeria, Cameroon and Zimbabwe make up the largest number of students in Europe.

This is coupled with another report which says that education has been identified as the fastest route out of the continent, especially in Nigeria.

The number of Nigerian students abroad has declined by 24 per cent since 2015. Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire have seen significant growth in students seeking foreign education.

In the last five years, France, the US, Turkey, Canada and Morocco have witnessed a spike in the influx of African students.

African students are favourable towards STEM programmes in France, while the UK and the US remain top choices for Nigerian students.

Cameroonians prefer France and Germany while Zimbabweans prefer South Africa.

UK govt may deport Nigerian students after graduation as push for visa change intensifies reported that international students in the United Kingdom, including Nigerians, may be at risk of deportation after their studies.

A Daily Mail report says that Suella Braverman, the UK’s Home Secretary is pushing for visa change to force foreign students out of the country if they are unable to secure a skilled job six months after the completion of their studies.

The Minister has agreed to cut immigration and greatly reduce the number of unskilled foreign workers coming to the UK from 239,000 to just tens of thousands.


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