Watch the drama that happened between a lady and her boyfriend, neighbours came outside (video)

  • A young lady who suspected that her boyfriend has been cheating on her decided to visit his house even when she was told not to come
  • At the entrance of the lover’s house, the lady insisted strongly in a loud voice that she wanted to go inside to check
  • Seeing that the drama had already attracted his neighbours, the man had to carry the lady off his porch

A video shared by @babyjuliani has captured the moment a boyfriend and his girlfriend caused a scene at a multi-tenement house.

In the short clip, the girlfriend insisted that she wanted to go into her lover’s apartment and the man tried hard to block her out. The lady kept asking why he is refusing her entry.

Relationship drama/lady suspected boyfriend is cheating.
The man’s neighbours tried to calm the situation down.
Photo source: TikTok/@babyjuliani
Source: UGC

Lady visits her boyfriend’s house & creates a scene

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She went ahead to ask him if there is anyone inside his apartment. The two engaged in a shouting match that drew other neighbours out.

At a point during the video that was secretly recorded, the man carried the lady away from his apartment’s porch and told her to go home.

When neighbours intervened, the girlfriend said that when she called to tell him she wanted to come to his house, he said “no”. She added that she purposefully came to know what or who he wanted to hide.

Watch the video below:

Below are some of the reactions:

princessbecky said:

“My mind tell me say na one of ur closest friend dey inside, na why she no come outside.”

silent one said:

“Don’t force relationships dear go.”

melody time said:

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“Your tenure don expire, valentine bride dey inside.”

Flora John said:

“It’s might be this woman with bubu gown that call this lady to come that the guy has a girl in the house cuz like omg don’t be surprised.”

Sharon Brobbey said:

“It’s painful when playing with someone’s feeling hmm I feel her pain.”

Cee love said:

“The guy might be doing something ritual or he have another bae around simply.”

Deenma said:

“Ladies never ever ever ever go this lowww!!!!!! Never let a man tell you twice he doesn’t want you.”

Lady feeds her father’s tenant

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In a video that has gone viral, the pretty lady tried to shield her face from the camera because she was shy.

A few seconds into the video, she gave him rice and later brought him a full plate of beans. Many said the man is having the best time of his life.


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