Watch video of Toyo Baby dragging men that breakup with women for no just reason

  • Ace Nollywood actress Juliana Olayode recently went on a social media rant where she dragged Nigerian men and their terrible ways of relationship
  • Juliana Olayode questioned why men break people’s hearts for no just reason and feel no remorse afterwards, and get into another relationship almost immediately
  • The Jenifa’s Diary actress revealed that someone close to her just went through a terrible break-up, and months after the guy walked away, he married another woman

Young Nollywood actress Juliana Olayode also known as ‘Toyo Baby’, was recently emotionally agitated in a video clip she shared online.

In the viral clip, Jenifa’s Diary star, Toyo Baby, brutally dragged Nigerian men for being heartless and wicked.

Photos of Juliana Olayode
Nollywood actress Juliana Olayode has sparked an emotional conversation online after she took to IG to drag Nigerian men and their relationship antics. Photo credit:@olayodejuliana
Source: Instagram

In the rant video, Juliana revealed that someone close to her recently went through a brutal heartbreak, and the guy that inflicted the pain married another woman within six months after the breakup.

Olayode, in the video, chided men to stop leading women on. She told men that if they don’t see a future with a lady, they shouldn’t get into a relationship with her.

Watch Juliana Olayode’s video dragging Nigerian men:

See how netizens reacted to Juliana Olayode’s video dragging Nigerian men over relationships


“Sometimes people just keep partners as placeholders, you are not who they want but they don’t want to be lonely.”


“God, May people with good intentions meet those with good intentions tooo.. this relationship these days self is tiring.”


“Relationship was better than it is now….now it’s a battle of who can do more wickedness. Nobody wants to put all their eggs in one basket. The signs are always there sha, don’t close your eyes to them.”


“Na we Dey ignore red flags sha. Someone who don’t want you will definitely give you signs and signals. Make we sef try to learn how to read handwritings on the wall.”


“DON’T date a person you know you CANNOT Marry! Simple! We have a bunch of deceivers out there!!”


“Reality check- No be everybody get conscience! People will still hurt others no matter what! Na you go gats pray make you no jam “mad person” in the name of relationship… dazeet.”


“Its called a breakup for a reason. Moving up is expected. Are they meant to be unhappy?”


And the manipulators that must look for a reason, will say “the babe no get manners/respect” lmao clowns! Somebody you’ve been dated for ages suddenly don’t have respect!

It is another level of wickedness and selfishness

After seeing Juliana Olayode’s rant video and comment about Nigerian men and their act of inflicting terrible heartbreaks on women. reached out to Nollywood actress Yetunde Bakare to share her thoughts about the subject, and this was her response to the video:

“Such a beheviour leaves the other person in a lot doubt. When men do such a thing the leave the other person with lots of unanswered questions and they’re left wondering if something is wrong with them. It is just another level of wickedness and selfishness.”

Actress Toyo Baby Reveals Struggle With Celibacy, Fighting Temptations

Meanwhile, recalls reporting that famous movie star Juliana Olayode aka ‘Toyo Baby’, has finally revealed that despite her ‘chaste’ way of life, she struggles just like everyone else.

The Jenifa’s Diary star made it public that she has been going through a lot and seems not to understand her body and the urge she has been having lately.

She continued by saying that staying celibate in the past few months has become more challenging because her body has been demanding and fighting huge temptations.


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