How to make your girlfriend laugh while chatting or over text

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but the way to a woman’s heart may be through her ribs. Some studies have shown that the more you make a woman laugh, the more likely she is to be romantically interested in you. Here’s how to make your girlfriend laugh and ensure a lasting bond with her.

How to make your girlfriend laugh
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Everybody has a different love language, from gifts to quality time. While it may take some time to figure out your girl’s love language, you can never go wrong with humour.

How to make your girlfriend laugh

If you are a man in a relationship and want to make up for some deficits in your game, humour is the way to go. Here are some tips on how to make a girl laugh.


Poking fun at your girlfriend is the easiest way of making her laugh. You can poke fun about something she regularly does that you find cute or hilarious or give her some cute names related to her personality. However, whatever technique you use, don’t tap into any insecurities she has. Make sure your jokes come off as playful and not mean-spirited.

Voice inflexion

Comedians often advise that properly using inflexion is a critical component in comedy. The late Gilbert Gottfried struck comedic gold when he perfected the art of manipulating his voice. Be adventurous to the point of absurdity when trying to tell a joke; it’s a sure-fire trick for how to make women laugh.

Observational comedy

Often the easiest way to make someone laugh is by working with material already at your disposal. It encompasses mundane experiences, so your lady might find it relatable. So the next time you are out on a date, you can start with the common phrase for observational comedy, “have you ever noticed” or “ever wondered why?”.

Comedic timing

Even if you have the best flirty jokes to make her laugh, it all comes down to your delivery of the joke. A good joke may fall flat if not set up the proper way. Work on finding your rhythm, perfecting the pauses and knowing when to deliver your punchline. This technique may make her snort at basic ‘knock-knock’ jokes.


If you wondering how to make your gf laugh when you’re shy or have insecurities, the good news is that you can make your shyness work for you. Self-deprecating humour is a way to poke fun at your insecurities and shows that you don’t take yourself too seriously. The key, however, is to use it in moderation, as you don’t want to highlight your faults and diminish your value before the woman you are trying to impress.

Surreal humour

This style of humour relies on purposely violating logic resulting in a situation that is unexplainable and bizarre yet hilarious. Common situations taking absurd turns always make people chuckle, which is why fake news headlines are always hilarious. Surreal humour will not only leave her gasping for breath, but also leave her intrigued by your creativity and unpredictability.

Less is more

Sometimes people tend to do too much to make an impression on someone they like. Avoid trying too hard; it is certainly not how to be funny to a girl. The opposite will likely happen and she will be put off by your comments. You also do not need to be funny all the time. Leave a chance for a normal conversation and wait for the perfect moment to tell a joke.

How to make a girl laugh while chatting

Things to make a girl laugh
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Women are usually attracted to a guy that is charming and witty, and this may be more intimidating for a guy who may not have the comedic aspect in his arsenal. Starting a great conversation is not always easy; however, a light-hearted joke is enough to break the ice. Here are some tips for making your girlfriend laugh while chatting.

Be confident

When you exude confidence, you create a comfortable environment for your girl to enjoy your company. Be prepared with your jokes and have seamless delivery to keep her more interested in what you are saying. Nothing ruins good comedy like being too nervous and awkward.

Learn jokes

Some people are just not naturally funny; that is why we are thankful for the internet. Start by looking up a few good jokes online and be sure to include some dark jokes if you know she has a morbid sense of humour. Arm yourself with a list of flirty jokes to make her laugh, but make sure they come out naturally, not forced or rehearsed.

Ask funny questions

Striking up a conversation with a girl you are attracted to may seem tricky if your mind goes completely blank. If you want a woman to think you are fun, the best route is to ask her funny questions that might prompt her to think of an equally amusing answer. In the end, both of you will be in stitches.

Use catchy phrases

At times thinking of a good joke may be a bit overwhelming. Fear not, for you can rely on the good jokes from her favourite movies or TV shows. Build your rapport by quoting some popular catchphrases to get her laughing. This will also show her that you have similar tastes in entertainment, which can heighten your bonding.

Be goofy

Making a girl laugh can be as easy as being silly and a complete clown. The benefit of this is that it also gives the girl the freedom to be entirely herself without fear of being judged. Remember, however, that the goal is to make her laugh with you and not at you.

How to make a girl laugh over the phone

how to make a girl laugh
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Texting has become the go-to form of communication among peers as many find themselves more comfortable behind the keyboard. If you are a shy guy, this may be the hack that you need in situations that may call you to be more expressive. Mastering how to be funny to a girl over text could be the trick to keeping her interested and knocking her socks off.

Memes, GIFs and emojis

These have been the cheat sheet for modern-day dating society. Relatable GIFs and emojis when texting your girl are sure things to make a girl laugh. The next time you want to make her giggle, scroll down through Instagram or Twitter and pick out some you are sure she will like.

Inside jokes

Share a joke that no one besides you and the girl understands. Use this tip in a situation both of you have experienced together before. The best connection two people can have is a shared sense of humour. While some Googled jokes to make a girl laugh over text can get you far, inside jokes make the moment feel more personal and familiar and will get you even further.

Send flirtatious messages

One of the best tips on how to make a girl laugh while chatting is to send her flirtatious jokes. Most people enjoy flirting, and nobody can deny that girls like a guy who has a natural way with words. Topping it off with humour ensures you hit the jackpot and have her swooning over you in no time.

These tips on how to make your girlfriend laugh are sure to impress her and could make her love you even more. Keep putting in the effort, take notes from one of your favourite comedians and learn the kind of humour she enjoys. You never know, you might end up making her giggle her way to the altar.

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