Video: This bride has gone viral because of her small stature, you need to see her dance

  • A 27 seconds video showing a small-looking bride who danced in church during her wedding has gone viral
  • In the trending video seen on TikTok, the lady rejoiced alongside her asoebi girls who were equally dancing
  • At the moment, the video has received no fewer than 351k views and more than 7k likes from dance lovers

No fewer than 351k TikTok users have viewed a short video of a petite bride who danced in church.

In the now-viral video posted by @miss_taye1, the bride was seen alongside her asoebi girls who stormed the church to rejoice with her.

Photos of a small-looking bride.
The small-looking bride has gone viral on TikTok. Photo credit: TikTok/@miss_taye1.
Source: TikTok

The asoebi girls and the bride all filed into the church, dancing and rejoicing with broad smiles on their faces.

Small-looking bride goes viral on TikTok

The asoebi girls were dressed in well-tailored mustard-yellow gowns.

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The bride herself was dressed in a lovely mermaid wedding dress with a tulle flounce.

With a bouquet of flowers in her hands, the bride made smooth and gentle moves. Her face brimmed with much happiness.

Apart from having 351k views, the video has been liked over 7k times by dance lovers.

Watch the video below:

Bride in heels stuns her guests

Meanwhile, a video shared by @simplykiajamal has shown the moment a bride danced with so much joy during her traditional wedding ceremony. Surrounded by guests, the lady in high heels rocked her body gently to the music.

Women close to her had frowns as TikTokers gave different interpretations of their countenances.

Despite the hostile environment, the bride kept up her energy. Many wondered if the people were not happy that she was getting married.

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Video shows female lecturer dancing in a sweet way

In a related story, reported a curvy lecturer danced for her students during class.

In a video that went viral on TikTok, the lecturer was teaching when she suddenly broke into an interesting dance.

Her moves got her students excited and they started shouting in loud voices.

She moved from the middle of the class to the front where everyone could see her.

It was when she came to the front of the class that her moves became stronger and more vigorous.

The lecturer performed speedy leg works that made people believe that she is a good dancer.

A lot of people who saw the video on TikTok praised her for being jovial with her students.

Many more said they wouldn’t miss her class if they were to be her students.


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